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Tycho / 17 hours ago

Making an update while PAX is ongoing still feels pretty weird. I mean, if you worked at a gaming news site, I guess this would be, like, your whole show. I suppose the reality is that everyone is updating constantly about the show, and everything else, professionally or otherwise. "Writing" and "Living" are two distinct gears for me. It's a big lever and it's hard to pull. We managed our strip duties on Sunday, achieving our goal, performing flawless karate on foes real and imagined.…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Gabriel is constantly impressing himself with what he calls his thinkin's, which are like little caltrops for the brain. He once posited that while it was technically true that each cock exists within its own "timeline," under certain rare conditions it would be possible for a cock to block itself. That's, uh... huh. That's not really applicable to my life. We've long considered collecting these things together in one of those Daily Affirmation type calendars, we jot them down when we can,…

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