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Tycho / 9 hours ago

We're out of town, you know how it is. Before we left though, our boys in tow, Gabriel and I talked about how at his house everybody wants to play Didney Infinty but for different reasons. I feel confident he'll break it down in more detail for you when we get back. But between the main course "playset" content, Toy Box mode, and tiny men, women, and… trees, and raccoons to smash together, shit is apparently quite real. These things are much more His Games than Mine. I didn't do…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

We had to act quickly because Gabriel told us the ride was over - he was quitting League of Legends for the whateverth time due to a string of nightmare losses. I was in one of those games, a game we managed to lose even though the opposing team had fewer players, and it recalled the days when you were playing on dial-up and your foes were on broadband. That was a thing, and not a good thing. That night's malefactors were having a LAN party at a crossroads, no doubt, their ears stuffed with…

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