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Tycho / 4 hours ago

PAX Dev Kickoff: Jamie Cheng, of Klei

We just announced the talk that's getting the show off the ground, and it's by somebody who really had seen it all. There isn't a game released by Klei Entertainment that I don't own, and I know from e-mail threads going back more than a decade how hard some of these lessons were to learn. (CW)TB

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Tycho / 4 hours ago

Erika Moen is inextricable from San Diego Comic Con in my mind. I had originally written just Comic Con, because the vast preponderance of you would know which one I meant - it is only lesser Comic Cons which must bear the sigil of their low houses. But, just in case. I can remember quite well: I came into contact with Pants Press, a kind of online comics supergroup, which was all women except for the one, stray Bill Mudron who had been snared by their impossible gravity. I got a sketchbook…

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