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Tycho / 1 day ago

We got to Australia about the time a PST person would normally wake up, but then we tried to do the sorta prescribed thing where you stay awake all day to get your head straight for the new place. I don't know if it worked all the way. Everything seems to be contained within a parenthetical which denotes its contents are not to be trusted. I guess I did spend almost the entire day absorbing We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Vol. 5), a prodigious volume of Philip K. Dick stories which…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Here in about seven hours or so we'll be on our way to the fabled burg of Mael-Byn, or at any rate we'll fly to the place we will fly to Melbourne from, that extra little kick this finite universe must always get in. It's the first time we won't be home for Halloween, but I know that some of our number fully intend to bring a measure of it there, at such volume and to such an extent that we may discover what laws prohibit wholesale lolly importation. In any case, those two things…

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