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Tycho / 1 hour ago

PAX South Is A Thing

I talked to probably a hundred people at The Con who were not aware of PAX South. They were not aware of it! They had not heard of it, they didn't know it was a show. I try not to physically strike you with our various pitches. But, people. PAX South. January 23-25th, plenty of time to plan. There are tickets available for all three days! It is real. (CW)TB

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Tycho / 2 hours ago

A fight long simmering at Comic Con was that between traditional cartoonists and the vile, sewer mutants of "online comics," who gave their work away for free in a spree of Oedipal father-killing that sought to reconstitute our old enemies The Soviet Union. Or something, it was a while ago. But Foxtrot's Bill Amend - himself a purveyor of geek lore - was one of the few who thought that the whole self-publishing thing was just… cool. We've been friends forever, and we thought he'd be a…

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