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Tycho / 16 hours ago

Cyber Monday, Quote Unquote

We launched a whole bunch of new stuff on Thursday. Pins, tees, hoodies, etc. I believe I made a decree to that effect. But we already HAD a bunch of delicious stuff on the store. And I don't want to you to forget about those. So... Cyber Monday! The full First Party line, our fanciest stuff, is on sale for 30% off. It's worth noting that this is your last chance to get the First Party notebook in its current iteration. Also, we slowly released a full line of new mug designs this year.…

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Tycho / 20 hours ago

He has different problems at his house than I do. It's funny, if you let it be. It is hard to. But you can see, with your physical eyes, the moment a person learns that what they say doesn't have to be connected with real events. They'll lie about any Goddamn thing. They'll lie about things you just saw them do! They'll lie about previous lies. They'll lie about lying about lying. And they don't seem to understand a hundred percent that it's happening, either. They seem just as…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Merchandise: FINAL FORM

Kiko and Brian and given me this Alpha-Q level commerce communique. Let's dig in: Ready or not, it’s time for all of the Holiday Shopping Season messages. Let’s do one too! We have new things for the holidays. Other things are on sale for the season. And some items are even holiday exclusives. Plus we've got our seasonal reward items that you earn as you buy more of our things. Here's what we've got! HOLIDAY REWARDS -Buy $35 of things: Get this year’s Holiday Card -Buy $65 of…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

In another comic strip ripped from the headlines, our Gabriel has decided to involve a neutral third party in order to mediate between himself and another, different part of himself. I would never presume to tell you things he hadn't told you in a comic, or hadn't authorized in some other way - not unless I had performed a calculation and determined you would be more amused than he would be angry. But I have my own problems, certainly, and I can tell you that being an introvert who is…

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