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Gabe / 2 minutes ago

Kiss the Girl

I spent last night playing Shadow of Mordor and I’m really digging it. I have to call out the tutorial as being especially well done. Any game like this has to teach you how to swing a sword and stuff but this one puts a great spin on it. You “learn” to sword fight by teaching your son how to fight. Talion is talking to his son while they spar about the importance of countering an attack and all the while you are the one learning these mechanics. Then when it comes time to teach you how…

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Tycho / 17 minutes ago

We were at Cold Stone Creamery, a realm of some reknown in our clan, and after an extended discussion of Tinder every one of the glossy lures on their walls inherited an erotic context. I don't entirely know how a "Tinder for Cakes" would work exactly, but I don't care, it doesn't matter, and not having it is what's holding back our evolution as a species. I saw a lot of stuff at PAX that I still haven't written about, because September was the most fraught month on record. The sixth floor…

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