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Tycho / 32 minutes ago

The kids on the server made their statues out of wool, presumably for the wide range of colors. Their intense flammability was, we can guess, not conscious portion of the decision matrix. Initial reports suggested that it might be Herobrine, who you might know of, or might not. If you played Minecraft when many enthusiast gamers did, which is to say a thousand fucking years ago, and then went to Terraria or Starbound in search of untapped novelty your diagram would never have overlapped…

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Gabe / 2 hours ago

CSI: Minecraft

My son Gabe has a Minecraft Realm that he and his friends play on. It’s a service that Mojang offers allowing you to rent a private server. You need to specifically invite people to the server otherwise there is no way for them to join. As a Dad, I like this much better than having him out there playing on public servers. It’s not full weirdos who might be preying on kids, but it is full of 9 year olds and that presents its own problems. These kids spend a lot of time on their Minecraft…

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