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Tycho / 8 hours ago

I was a weird kid. I know what you're thinking: Tycho Brahe? Prince of the Internet? But it's true. I was incredibly, perhaps overwhelmingly religious. It's possible to be religious and not weird, but I could never pull it off. I took the evangelical part of being an Evangelical very seriously, so seriously that it wrapped back around itself and became hatred for the Sinner, and my ministry became less about leading people to Christ and more about measuring, in full, the distance…

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Gabe / 10 hours ago

Like father…

The teachers at my son's school are staging some sort of walk out today. I'm guessing it's about class size and money but I'm not really sure. All I know is that since my wife will be at the dentist most of the day I need to stay home with my kid. His little brother still has a school to go to so it's just gonna be Gabe and I at home all afternoon. Last week I got him his own PSN account so we could play games together. This morning he asked if we could just play Destiny all day since no one…

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