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Tycho / on Wed, Dec 22 2010 at 1:35 pm

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It’s Got To Come Out

As I’ve already suggested, TRON: Legacy contains within it a host of discrete films, and positions you can take, so that at the culmination of the experience you can enjoy the film or brood in the unassailable tower of your own intellect.  That may sound facetious, that you can either agree with me or be a Goddamned twat, and these are the only choices available.  What’s true is that there are many valid ways to approach it, and not all of them leave the film entirely unscathed.  I can answer any of the questions posed by the strip very simply, but at the same time I don’t want to grant a writer something they haven’t earned or paper over their relatively straightforward laziness with my own incalculable power.  Scott‘s suggestion that the club represents Flynn’s playlist was pretty funny, I thought.

(Also, “It’s Got To Come Out” is a lyric from John Lee Hooker’s sacred Boogie Chillen.  Don’t tell me I never gave you nothin’.)

This is something I often discuss with Kris Straub, who I call Krasp.  There are people (like, for example, Krasp) who need maximal verisimilitude in their imaginary realms.  There are much referenced wars in Star Wars Canon that have to do with the length of a Super Star Destroyer or the true force numbers for the Clone Army that actually saw open conflict, and not just on the discussion page of Wookieepedia.  They can’t invest in something that isn’t absolutely coherent, because the investment just trickles out.  They need to trust it.

There was a point at which I saw myself as a kind of valiant bulwark against these predations and half truths, but the policy has changed I think the more things we make here.  When I consume any kind of culture now, it’s all just guts to me, guts and limbs I can reassemble for my own purpose - notions bouncing off on another in solution.  That is probably a weird way to look at things, but if I were to do something in a weird way, I doubt that anyone would be terribly surprised.

There was new Precipice yesterday, and I wanted to post about it, but we’ve got a pretty serious problem with the backend now that our network appliance is shielding you from.  You see the page more or less as you have always seen it, but just behind the curtain we are waist-deep in human heads.

(CW)TB out.

it was never written down

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