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Tycho / 5 hours ago

My erstwhile companion Grabark has gone to The Wilds with his clan, and at last word he is still alive and apparently he is severely mistreating crabs.

In preparation for this ElfQuest of his we put together a couple strips, but he has had something bounding around in his head for a while that he wanted to put down in firmer form.  He calls this creature a “Dobber,” or maybe its name is Dobber, and he drew the shit out of it.  Come back on Monday, when we will sunder social conventions by leaving the napkin on the table as opposed to putting it on our lap.  Or, talk about Transformers.  Probably the second one.

- Warmachine Tactics just hit Early Access, and the UI needs love, but interface chrome is something the game its based on excels at and the art is already fucking sick.  This isn’t tabletop Warmachine: there’s no grid on the table, which makes it fuzzy until you develop “a very particular set of skills.”  When I did my “Upkeep” in Tactics - a pre-turn, resource allocation phase that is way more exciting than it sounds - I saw how powerful some of these concepts could be in a more explicit system, and forgave them their heresies.  My hope is that this gets people on the table, optimally with a brush in their hand, but there’s so much meat on these bones that I mostly just want people to know about it.  I want them to see what I see.

I wondered about the price, until I remembered that was the minimum Kickstarter pledge to get Beta Access, back when the campaign was running.  I think they felt, rightly, that it was best to honor their stalwarts.  But the “Early Access” version also magically transforms into the “Deluxe Edition” upon release, with a whole extra faction and fancy-pants extra units for the four already in there.  In a game where force composition is a huge part of the strategy, trust me.  You want this stuff.

- I am being harangued, HARANGUED I tell you, to draw attention to the Catlateral Damage Kickstarter.  Which I have been meaning to do anyway, so I don’t mind too much.  Apparently all you have to do is remind me five times in two weeks, and you can have your heart’s desire.  I play the demo with my daughter on my knee, and our only real problem is that it’s a demo and not the greater, unfolding thing it deserves to be.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

So much of the current dialogue on Multiplayer is focused on social engineering slash incentivization structures, epitomized in the Riot Games milieu, where you sprinkle little bits of foil all throughout your UI and then empower Courts Of The People to adjudicate trials.  By comparison, Nintendo has already reached the endgame content.  They have defeated Onyxia, where Onyxia is not just a great wyrm but the representation of our will to harm one another.  They have decided it’s simply not worth it to allow people to talk to each other in most of their games.  If you are looking to create an environment free of conflict, removing the humans from it is a great way to start.

If they aren’t on the couch with me there’s really nothing I want to hear from the winner of a Mario Kart match; there’s nothing I want to hear from the loser, either.  If I’m being honest, I would rather just play Mario Kart.  What I think about other people, and what they think about me, isn’t really germane to magnet wheels.  As always, you are welcome to embroider whatever mad rivalries you want to in the confines of your hermetic box dimension, far away from where your spores (or whatever) can find their way out.

By tomorrow, The Wolf Among Us will be completely out for all platforms - today, only the virtuous may enter the sacred shrine.  But you wouldn’t really be able to play all the episodes today anyway, so if you’re a newcomer you can safely immerse yourself in the manner of your human “boxed sets.”

They killed this thing in the best possible way.  It’s the best voice work they’ve ever had, in a setting we haven’t had, with art we never woulda got.  The “sets” - and they feel like sets - are, when delivered at our highest resomolutions, three dimensional comics that we can walk around in.

And if you wondered for even a second if they’d render the entirety of the Noir fractal, play to the end and have such doubts obliterated.  From the word go, they pushed this thing past spec - past the expectations I had for them coming off Walking Dead Season One, which should have been impossible to beat, and which the Season Two is itself struggling to match.  Not here, though.  Wind this thing up and watch it go.  This is the kind of shit that turns people into gamers.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

PAX South Tickets Are Live

The newest PAX happens in San Antonio, and it runs from January 23-25.  You can enter the Queue for tickets here.


Jamie / 3 days ago

The 2014 Penny Arcade Scholarship

Applications for the Penny Arcade Scholarship are now open! Each year Penny Arcade recognizes one student with incredible potential to impact the game industry in some capacity with a $10,000 academic scholarship. Applicants come from many walks of life and disciplines, but they share the same passion for games and the games community. There are a few requirements:

  • Must be a full time student attending an accredited college or university in the United States during the 2014-2015 academic school year (you must be currently enrolled in a program to be eligible; high school seniors are not eligible)
  • Must have the intention to enter the game industry in some capacity (Major: any field)
  • GPA: Minimum 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

All of the requirements and the application form can be found at: Submissions must be postmarked no later than August 15th

Update to my Surface post

After talking with some folks I went home and tried some stuff. I upgraded to Manga Studio 5.0.4 and wasn’t getting the drawing lag I saw before. It still has the “hover lag” but that’s just annoying not a deal breaker. I tried a bunch of different settings in Photoshop that people recommended and still could not get rid of the drawing lag. I’ll draw another strip on it this week (this time using Manga Studio) and let you know how it goes. It seems like the majority of my frustration was coming from Photoshop and not the Surface which is good. Manga Studio is my preferred drawing program anyway but I figured the new Photoshop with its fancy tablet mode would be cool to try. To be totally fair the tablet mode in the new PS must be turned ion under “experimental features”. So uh… maybe that stuff isn’t quite ready for prime time.

-Gabe out

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