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Tycho / 2 days ago

I had assumed, largely because I was directly told, that the conglomeration known as Goo-Tube was purchasing Twitch.  It certainly seemed to map out, what with Twitch cracking down on copyright in exactly the same way YouTube had.  But that’s apparently just hedge trimming now, work that must be done in advance of acquisition by any party.  Amazon picked them upOn accident?

When we hear about Jonas, and the whale which constituted his temporary housing, we are (correctly) skeptical.  But nine hundred and seventy million dollars borders on that level of mythic power.  It occupies a zone adjacent to pure fact.  Amazon is doing all kinds of weird shit, including making what is functionally an urban “lair” and building out a credible internal game division.  Twitch has vast cachet, and is essentially social-media powered television enterprise.  What does Amazon see it as?  And does it ultimately result in me having a branded cornea?  Because I’m down.

Monday’s comic featured the plaintive cries of those banned for being actual neo-nazis or for encouraging others to die with tremendous specificity, focused largely around the fact that Lyte (the Riot equivalent of a Blue Response) is either Mother Mary or Charon, and I like either interpretation.

When trying to find Lyte’s official title, I hit up the Wikia for the game.  I recognized him in his picture, and the name was familiar, but you have to understand how many people I see.  I see so many people.  And I get a lot of false positives.  I used to do IT shit at fifty-odd sites, and I swear to God some of these principles, librarians, secretaries, and teachers were the same Goddamned person in different clothes at another school.  I figured maybe I saw him at their booth or something, that was probably it.

But no: he’s this Jeffrey Lin, the young man we awarded our scholarship to in 2010. The stated purpose of the Penny Arcade Scholarship is to “recognize one student shown to have the most potential to positively impact the game industry,” and the motherfucker has basically taken on on the Kobayashi Maru of complex, high-pressure gaming interactions.  We rarely get to find out where they end up, but look at this shit.  They haven’t cracked it yet, and maybe it’s not crackable in the classic sense, but they’ve got it surrounded.  That’s all there is to say about it, really.  I just think it’s cool that the Scholarship is inserted at any point in that causal chain.

(CW)TB out.


The most recent cinematic trailer for League of Legends got me thinking about the game again. I’ve played a lot of it over the years but I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten this into the strategy of it. I’ve always liked it, but I’m actually trying not to suck at it now and that’s new for me. I’ve been watching the LCS matches and I’m surprised just how much I enjoy watching other people play a video game.

I’ve always been a Wukong fan but what I am discovering is that I like tanky fighters. I’ve decided top lane is the spot I can do the most good for my team and I’m slowly learning what my responsibilities are. As of right now I’m sort of hooked on Darius. He’s so much fun to play that even though I know I should probably be trying other champs I can’t put him away.

I like him so much I had to do a so goofy fanart.

(click for the big version)

-Gabe out

Tycho / 3 days ago

Shutting Off The PAR Server On Thursday

We brought it back up for awhile so people could harvest their favorite stuff off of there, but we’re gonna flip the big switch here in a couple days.  I have a lot of favorites I’ll be copying and then subsequently pasting: it was a great site, and a lot of people worked to make it so.


Jamie / 3 days ago

Thornwatch at PAX Prime 2014

As you can see by Mike’s posts, Thornwatch development continues! While the game is not quite ready for large-scale demoing, we will be conducting a limited playtest at PAX Prime 2014. Playtesters will be drawn from the Thornwatch email list: we’ll mail that list Tuesday with a questionnaire (the most important question being, “Do you have a PAX badge”), and randomly select playtesters from qualified respondents on Wednesday.

The playtest will take place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the PAX Tabletop area in the Motif hotel. Limited spectating room will be available if you want to swing by to see the game in action, and Mike is running a panel on Friday at 5:30PM in the Hedgehog Theatre.

Tycho / 3 days ago

Merch Banner For PAX

Brian said people wanted to know what we were bringing to the show, so I got the banner image from Kiko.  You can click it, and it will become larger as a result.


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