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Tycho / 3 days ago

Batman: Arkham Knight is overwhelming. There have been multiple occasions now, within a relatively short period of time, where I have felt compelled by some omnipresent force to punch the arm of my compatriot and say something along the lines of "God Damn" or "Jesus Is Lord." The game doesn't really deal with themes of divinity, those are just the phrases that leap to the fore. There's too many thoughtful touches, too many moments that don't need to be there and nobody else would do. That…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Elan Lee Is Kicking Off PAX Dev

You might recall the name from the explosive Exploding Kittens Kickstarter, but he's been around: Industrial Light And Magic, Microsoft Game Studios, and 42 Entertainment just to get you started. He's seen a lot, and knows a lot, and he's coming to PAX Dev to tell you about it in his "Really Big Stories" panel. Tickets for that show are available, you know. Just by the by. (CW)TB

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Gabe / 5 days ago

This news post should have gone up on Father's Day. Sorry it’s late. In my son Noah’s room there is a little door about four feet high. It leads into a tiny room with a sloped ceiling that was probably just storage space but at some point it got finished and carpeted. When the room belonged to my son Gabe it was called the “Gabe sized room” but he got bigger and eventually Noah got that bedroom. Now it’s the “Noah sized room” but eventually he’ll get too big for it too and…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Gabriel ("Makrak Khalilulelo") tried to finish this page Thursday Night, but he had to fly out to a wedding. We were both up very late as he tried to wrap it up, which had the character of our earliest efforts and I enjoyed it even though I felt bad that he had committed to the impossible. Ultimately the realization that certain properties of linear time made his task very frustrating (if not simply incompatible with reality) caused him to kill it, but when he got back into the office from…

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