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Tycho / 7 hours ago

A Tale Of Two Horses

I spent the weekend in Spokane, which wise men call Ulk Shambol or "The Spirit Grave." I usually get in trouble when I talk about the town my mom lives as though it is the sort of place Lord Sauron would amass his evil armies, which is, you know, an exaggeration for comic effect. In truth, I only felt his baleful, seeking eye once. Many of the things that I've said about Spokane don't truly represent the town. The pustules? Imported! They aren't even native pustules. A lot of the…

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Gabe / 3 days ago


I’ve been working on the characters for our Nightlight story at the end of the month. Most of the time when I sit down to draw characters, it’s little boys or guys that come out. I can draw those characters and make them feel authentic because I know them. I can tell those stories because they are my story to some degree. When I sat down to make Grace I knew it would be a challenge. Today’s strip is 100% accurate. I wanted Grace to feel authentic. I wanted her to be a real little girl…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

We're both gonna try to get out of town to varying degrees at the end of July, ahead of the Six Month World Tour that is PAX, and we've thought of various ways to manage that span - we'll be gone maybe six strips or so, which is how we have come to reckon time. We've got a story we're gonna run then, a Nightlight story that gives some more information about how the setting functions, and it should be about that long if what we planned is correct. Doing research for the awesome new…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

He legitimately wanted to know what that shit tastes like. Not good, I would say. Not potable in the classic sense. Tangy in absolutely the wrong way. You can also get XP in Destiny by, like, doing bounties and stuff. No fluids are required. #Lifehax The last time I "used" it - and "used" seems like the correct term, the way you might "use" meth - it was to retain some semblance of humanity during Strip Search. My memory of the filming process is like an archipelago, with these…

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