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Tycho / 3 hours ago

Motherboard merely joins a raft of sites which have, over the last couple years, removed the ability for users to comment on their articles. It's funny; the first thing I did was scroll to the bottom of the page to see what people thought about it. There was no comment section there, which I probably should have guessed. Force of habit. Comments are what they are. "Don't read the comments" is a phrase you have heard, and perhaps used. Sometimes people say that it's not enough to say…

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Gabe / 4 hours ago


Tearaway is a game that came out awhile back on the Vita and I loved it. I’m playing through the PS4 version now and it’s even better in a lot of ways. It’s still a ridiculously beautiful platformer with some genuinely unique gameplay but it also has a really cool second screen application now. If you have kids in your house this is seriously something you have to try because they will love it. Let me tell you how it works. The game is designed to look like the entire thing was made…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

The HBO extras contract for Westworld is fascinating reading, and gives one an idea about what it must be like to have sex with a lawyer. The excerpts you've seen online only represent a portion of the depravity: there are deeper, more erogenous zones. I don't go in for Toy Games at all, not really. But I do go in for Lego shit, and I have occasionally tried to describe the quandary that the adult Lego Maniac is bound up in. When you are a young person, and you look at a box of Lego shit,…

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Gabe / 2 days ago

First Fifteen: Duck Dynasty

Today's First Fifteen was a train wreck of a game, but I think it made for a funny show: -Gabe out

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