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Tycho / 7 hours ago

Further Intrusions Of Actual Life

I. Even though every natural law indicates it, even though popular culture is rife with examples, even though the arc of his condition moved with haste in a particular direction - specifically, down - I was very surprised when my father died. I was surprised that he could. It wasn't merely naivete. Those afflicted with his particular cancer number less than one hundred. It is the sort of cancer that excites a doctor. One of the things that is so "exciting" about this cancer is that…

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Tycho / 12 hours ago

PAX Dev Kickoff: Jamie Cheng, of Klei

We just announced the talk that's getting the show off the ground, and it's by somebody who really had seen it all. There isn't a game released by Klei Entertainment that I don't own, and I know from e-mail threads going back more than a decade how hard some of these lessons were to learn. (CW)TB

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