Adam Savage builds Han Solo’s blaster, and it’s much more intricate than you’d think

I tried to sit down and map out the Millenium Falcon when I was a young kid. I had the movies in front of me, and I sat down and tried to draw the inside of the ship. It seems like it should have been simple, right? There are plenty of scenes inside the ship, I could pause and rewind my VHS tape, and I was a patient kid. I found that the job was way more difficult than I had anticipated.

That's one thing, but when you look at builing the "perfect" replice of Han Solo's blaster, the DL-44, things get very complicated, very quickly. Details on the gun change depending on the film, or the publicity images, and fans have spent an insane amount of time and effort finding out exactly what the gun is made of, and how to recreate the prop.

This is a great video that goes into some neat detail about the process, and it's fun as hell to watch. I love when fans of a film go to this amount of work to figure out the reality of what should be a fictional item, and the result is pretty amazing.

If you'd like to visit the original thread, have at it. I've been lost in this for the past hour or so, and it's been great.