Back into New Vegas: the Fallout: Lanius fan film has been released, and you can watch it here

We had the chance to chat with the director of Fallout: Lanius last month, and we came away pretty enthused about the project, but a film needs to stand on its own merits regardless of the trials and tribulations of putting it together.

I'm pleased to say that Fallout: Lanius does a pretty damn good job of doing just that. Don't fool yourself into expecting a Hollywood-style blockbuster, and you'll enjoy a unique tale that adds to the Fallout mythos. 

This film actually made me much more interested in playing Fallout: New Vegas than I'd ever been before. It just goes to show that more developers should embrace their community in the way that Obsidian and Bethesda have with Fallout: Lanius. Sometimes the fans know how to evangelize a product better than the marketing department.