Battlefield 4’s “Premium” service makes us tired of the game before it’s been released

Battlefield 4’s “Premium” service makes us tired of the game before it’s been released

Battlefield 4 Premium is the yet-unpriced season pass for Battlefield 4, and so far it’s done more to turn me off to the game than any of the other bits of horrendous marketing EA has subjected us to. The problem is that EA and DICE have barely sold us on Battlefield 4 to begin with, and they’re already trying to sell more content for the game.

It’s exhausting.

The package gets you all five planned expansion packs, two weeks of exclusive access to that content for “that competitive edge,” new weekly content, and priority access to servers. If demand should outstrip server supply, those who pay more get to cut in line.

Maybe I’m a pessimist, but my reaction to all this bullshit is to simply skip the game. If you don’t pay extra, you’ll be entering the new content against a crowd of people who already know the maps, have been playing them for two weeks, and get to jump right into the servers instead of waiting in line with those of us who don’t think you need to subscribe to a fucking service to play a first-person shooter.

You’re basically pre-ordering content sight-unseen, and paying for the right to be treated like a paying customer. The game isn’t even out yet, and EA is already pumping players for more money, and creating a tiered system where some people are simply paying for advantage.

“Through the course of a player's multiplayer career, they will receive packs containing random combinations of new camos, dog tags, knives, XP boosts, and gun attachments,” the announcement states. “In addition to what players will earn in-game through normal play, Battlefield 4 Premium members will receive the 12 bonus Battlefield 4 Battlepacks.”

We’ve barely gotten a glimpse of Battlefield 4, and we’re already being pushed into buying extra content, expansions, content, and access to servers. EA is already extending an open hand asking for more money before I even pay the $60 for the base package, and it’s off-putting.

This is supposed to be the “most human, dramatic, and believable” Battlefield release yet, and this is a classic case of a company telling us something without showing it to us. Why not let us see some of this human stuff, and I don't mean a quick-time event where I cut off someone's leg, before asking us for more money?