Capcom announces Duck Tales Remastered, coming this summer

Capcom announces Duck Tales Remastered, coming this summer

Duck Tales Remastered is coming this summer for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Wii U eShop, Capcom announced during its PAX East 2013 panel. The game is a modern take on the classic title for the NES, with a small suite of new features like a tutorial and museum.

The original NES masterpiece was crafted by a super group of game designers and creators, including Keiji Inafune, character designer of Mega Man and producer of Lost Planet and Dead Rising. Yoshihiro Sakaguchi composed the game's music, which is not being replaced in the remastered version. Instead, it will be updated by developer WayForward. Likewise, the game's visuals have received an overhaul.

Characters will be hand-drawn in 2D, while the world is 3D, but Capcom promised the game will play “just like you remember.” You can watch the announcement trailer below; pay special attention to the lyrics, because you're encouraged to sing along, just like everyone in attendance at Capcom's panel did:

Duck Tales Remastered will cost roughly $15 on all systems.