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Carrying dice is lame, you need to start wearing your chaos generators on your fingers

Carrying dice is lame, you need to start wearing your chaos generators on your fingers

You don’t need to ever be without a D20 again.

Aaron Laniecicz is the co-owner of CritSuccess, a company that is selling a line of rings that double as chaos engines at PAX Prime. The idea came to him in the car, watching his friend fiddle with a spinning ring on his finger. The thought was a natural one for gamers: Why not turn a spinning ring into a D20? Or an R20, at this point?

The project started as a Kickstarter that asked for $23,000, and they ended up raising over $344,000 from 7,293 backers. “Due to the sheer amount of people, and the processing of that many orders… it was a lot more than we were expecting. But we’re on the ball now, I think.”

The rings are stainless steel, and consist of a steel band trapped inside a large band. The outer band spins freely, and there’s an arrow indicator on the ring, making it easy to spin the ring with your thumb while wearing it on your ring finger. The rings are coated with different alloys in a process called pressurized vapor deposition, the plating becomes part of the surface of the steel.

“It’s an incredibly durable coating, you need something that’s strong enough to scratch stainless steel to scratch these… they will never wear out as long as you take care of them. They will never fade, never chip,” Laniecicz said. “They’ll last as long as you do, if not longer.”

You can get D6s, playing cards, an alignment ring that you spin to randomly tell if you’re neutral good or chaotic evil. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a ring, as is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Each ring is $20 at PAX Prime, and the company’s booth is located in room 206.

I already bought mine, and within about 30 minutes I’ve had people admiring it and asking where they can get their own. You'll also never be without a D20 for sudden bouts of gaming, and spinning the ring has already turned into a nervous habit for Dabe and I. 

If you’re not at PAX, you can order them online here.