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Disney Infinity toys could unlock interactions, content when brought to Disney theme parks

Disney Infinity toys could unlock interactions, content when brought to Disney theme parks

Disney has many challenges and opportunities with the upcoming Disney Infinity platform, but John Blackburn, the CEO of Avalanche Software, dropped a few more hints about the way the toys may find their way deeper into Disney’s DNA.

“Future things that are coming to films, to TV shows, big things in the parks, we can leverage those, and use those ideas that people already know and love to put in there… as far as the other properties we have, those are under consideration right now,” he told the Penny Arcade Report when I asked about new characters and toys coming to the series.

The bit about the parks jumped out at me. Would it be possible to create a system where you could bring your toys to Disneyworld or Disneyland, and then use them in the parks to unlock secrets in the game, or to cause interaction with the parks’ attraction?

“I cannot disclose that right now, but the one thing I will tell you is the technology we use is compatible with the parks,” Blackburn said, after a slight pause.

Disney has always been aggressive about finding new, fun ways for guests to interact with the attractions in their many theme parks, and the idea of taking your Infinity Toys with you on vacation to access interactive portions of existing attractions, or maybe even play a meta-game by bringing certain characters to their trademark attractions… I don’t know whether to cry about the cynical way to get more cash out of visitors, or get excited about the possibilities for fun when bringing the toys to a theme park.

It’s important not to get ahead of ourselves, as all we know is that the toys use technology that’s compatible with what you find in the parks, but still. This could introduce a whole new angle to collecting the toys, or the introduction of toys that you can only buy in the parks, and then use in interesting ways as you explore.

Disney Infinity is a fascinating experiment, with a potentially unlimited scope within Disney as a whole.