Disney’s new play to make movie theaters intolerable begins with Little Mermaid

Disney’s new play to make movie theaters intolerable begins with Little Mermaid

I don't know if I'm just getting old, or if this is something people actually want. Andrew and I have talked about how movie theaters are one of the few places people can get together in near silence and experience something together, and I'm of the opinion that the experience of going to a good movie with an appreciative crowd is soul-filling. So how does that change when everyone is looking down at their iPads?

This is what Disney is pushing with the re-release of the Little Mermaid. Here's the trailer:

So you'll download the app before you show up, and then you'll be interacting with the movie using the iPad. Imagine a theater full of children, with everyone looking down at a bright screen instead of watching the movie. Let's hope that the app is silent or you'll be dealing with hundreds of speakers all playing music with different timing, or at different volumes.


I actually like taking the kids to movie theaters, since they tend to sit back, eat some snacks, and get wrapped up in the film on the screen. It's rare that I have to tell them to be quiet, and I enjoy the fact that we can all be together and share a story. It's calming, even if the movie is scary or filled with action. But with this “feature” I can see fights over who gets to hold the iPad, or two sets of fingers trying to hit the buttons, or other such madness.

Even worse? The web page says you'll have the option to “sing along.” Is there any other art form that gets you to pay to get in, and then offers you a way to be distracted from the experience?

On the other hand, maybe I'm just a salty old bastard. Do you have kids? What are your thoughts? At least these showings will be clearly marked so I can avoid them.