Confirmed: Don Mattrick is the new CEO of Zynga

Confirmed: Don Mattrick is the new CEO of Zynga

Update: Zynga just confirmed it.

Zynga Inc  a leading provider of social game services, today announced that the Company has appointed Don Mattrick as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, effective July 8, 2013. Mattrick has been at the forefront of the industry and brings more than 30 years of executive experience developing, building and managing profitable entertainment businesses. Mark Pincus, Zynga's founding chief executive officer, remains Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Product Officer of the Company.

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The Xbox One has been something of a disaster from a PR standpoint. The system was announced amidst a swirl of contradictory information about DRM and used games before a bold, but controversial digital strategy was laid out. Then the whole thing was walked back after Sony trounced Microsoft at E3 by announcing policies that were much more friendly to developers as well as gamers. Now it seems like the man in charge of it all may be leaving Microsoft.

It's being reported that Don Mattrick, the president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment unit, may be leaving Microsoft to take the CEO position at Zynga. “Interestingly, Mattrick has also been on the short list of the top execs being considered to run Electronic Arts, another gaming giant that has faced a number of challenges and whose former CEO was ousted a few months ago,” All Things D stated.

Who would take over Mattrick's position at Microsoft? Who knows? But it would be great to have someone in charge who is wiling to wake up and begin to compete with Steam and Sony when it comes to developer-friendly policies and perhaps even the decision to center the Xbox One console around a mandatory motion control device that is making the Xbox One the most expensive next-generation console on the market.

Or this could all be rumor, and we can expect more of the same.