EA announces offline, single-player Sims 4 for 2014

EA announces offline, single-player Sims 4 for 2014

Electronic Arts announced today that long-time Sims studio Maxis is working on an official new title in the Sims series.

EA is playing this announcement very close to the chest at the moment, and is only letting out the smallest bits of information. However, IGN has learned that the game will be playable offline, suggesting that the company has had a change of heart regarding online-only games in the wake of the disastrous launch of the SimCity reboot.

The game was first revealed to a group of modders and video creators in the game's fan community via a conference call in which EA revealed a few tiny scraps of information including a Sims 4 event of some sort that will take place in the third week of August.

So far we know that Maxis has a very large 100-person team working on the project, and it's schedule to release sometime in 2014 on PC and Mac. They've also said that the primary goal for the Sims 4 is to increase the complexity of the game's interpersonal artificial intelligence.

“We felt it was important to unlock new ways for your Sims to interact with one another,” said a representative of Maxis during a community conference call. “So we're focusing on the complexity of Sim-to-Sim interaction, and the way your Sims behave.”

Information on the Sims 4 will continue to trickle out over the course of the day, month, and year as EA slowly pulls the lid off the next installment in this highly popular series.

EA says that the Sims series has sold over 150 million copies combined across three major installments and dozens of expansion packs since the original title's release in February of 2000.