Game programmers reveal their dirtiest, naughtiest hacks

Game programmers reveal their dirtiest, naughtiest hacks

As gamers, it's rare that we get a chance to peak behind the curtain to view the process of video game design, and it's even rarer that we get to see what goes on during the process of actually coding and building that game.

Game Developer Magazine and Gamasutra put together this article featuring anecdotes from various video game programmers from around the industry discussing the dirtiest things they ever got away with when coding a game. Some of them are hard to follow, as they're filled with programmer in-speak, but most are interesting anecdotes about the strains and workarounds from the everyday life of the coder.

It's great to occasionally get a chance to take a look at the part of the video game creation process that even hardcore gamers mostly ignore. Coding is a very difficult subject to explain to non-insiders, and articles like this go a long way toward helping the everyday fan understand what goes into the games they love. 

The more we know, the more we can appreciate games as a unique fusion of creative and technical disciplines.