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Inside the anti-E3 for indie developers

Inside the anti-E3 for indie developers

You don't ordinarily encounter a lot of indie games in the halls of E3. There are a few tucked away corners where you'll find a grouping of indies, but E3 is clearly not about them. This year, the website Venus Patrol decided to do something about that. 

Venus Patrol put on an event during E3 called Horizon which was designed as an E3 alternative. Horizon was filled with pretty much the exact opposite of what you normally find at a AAA games convention, small creative titles that are built more for love of the craft than to make a buck. This article from Edge Online delves into what happened at this mini-E3, as well as many of the indie titles that were on display.

 The event was no doubt small, but just from reading the article I can tell that many of the titles  were more interesting and promising than the $50 million or more games on display at E3.

One of the most disappointing things about E3 is the way that it mostly ignores the parts of the games business/community that doesn't have thousands of dollars of spare cash to spend on a booth. Horizon seems like a great way to put a bit more of a spotlight on games that are experimenting with the medium.