Terry Cavanaugh

Legions of children are hacking iPhone game leaderboards

Legions of children are hacking iPhone game leaderboards

Ever find yourself wondering what the world will be like when all of our youngsters are taught programming at a young age? Will they invent unimaginable new programs? Will they improve the lives of millions with their inventions?

Nope. According to this article from Edge, they'll just spend their time hacking iOS game leaderboards for pre-teen prestige.

This piece dives into the seedy world of iOS leaderboard hacking and examines the culture behind hacking games like Super Stickman Golf (high score: 27,055 strokes under par) and Angry Birds (high score: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.)

It also takes in the view of the designers of these games, people like Super Hexagon's Terry Cavanaugh and Super Stickman Golf's Ryan Holowaty, who actually have to deal with all of these hackers.

For some of these kids, this is basically a game unto itself, and the prize is a small bit of glory in the hacking community.

Overall, the article is actually kind of adorable. Here are the stories of 21st century Tom Sawyers getting into mischief on the Internet. Before you know it the hackers will be getting even younger and they'll be taking down the security system on the local candy shop, or stealing credit card information to buy chocolate milk.