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Make a better game, make less money. F2P is a fun business

Make a better game, make less money. F2P is a fun business

I want to start by saying how much of this article gives me the creeps. First, look at the author's job title. Just look at it. That's not a career, that's a punishment for being an abusive prison guard in a past life.

This isn't about making a better game, it's about how to make a more profitable one. Not just a very profitable game, that's not enough, but to make a game that's more profitable than the last very profitable free-to-play game based on a big-name property. The author even says that the Batman title may be a better game, but the point is that it won't make enough money.

The trick, you see, is the point at which you can buy the Batsuits. Well, that's one of the tricks. I enjoy the fact that someone had to think about when to spring the optional batsuits on the player, and then this guy is like "Man, you could have sold those batsuits in a way that would have made you so much more money!"

If you can get through the entirety of this article without feeling like you need to get blackout drunk out of sheer existential dread, you're a brave, brave person.