New The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer continues anti-Dwarf agenda

As a long time Tolkien fan and Dwarf-enthusiast I've long been disappointed with the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy's obsessive infatuation with the Elves. The trilogy never misses a chance to fawn over the beauty of the Elves, nor does it miss any opportunity to take a pot shot at Dwarfkind.

But when The Hobbit trilogy was announced I was hopeful that the Dwarves would finally get a moment in the limelight as they're the primary focus of that book. But at the same time, I often joked that Peter Jackson probably campaigned to make the single book of The Hobbit into a trilogy of films because he needed two extra movies to figure out a tangent large enough to shoe-horn in the Elves.

It doesn't seem as bad as my worst fears, but I'm aghast to find that Lord of the Rings character Legolas somehow seems to play a major role in this film despite never appearing in The Hobbit at all. And he's just one of several major Elven characters. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if they rewrote the script so that Legolas becomes the Dwarven King Under the Mountain at the end.

I'm choosing not to let it sour my enjoyment of the trailer though, because it's really well done. Smaug seems to have been done justice, and his voice is wonderfully performed by Benedict Cumberbatch. As always, I'll be able to overlook any narrative quibbles as long as the battles continue to be wonderful, and Sir Ian McKellen is as fantastic as ever.