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No one cares about your stupid idea for a game, and that’s great news

No one cares about your stupid idea for a game, and that’s great news

Game developers have no shortage of ideas. Most designers and artists have concepts and basic thoughts for many more games than they'll ever have time to make. They are not interested in your ideas, and they will not turn your basic idea into a game for you, no matter how novel you think it may be.

This may seem obvious, but it's a rare day that I don't receive an e-mail from a budding designer asking how to reach this developer or that gaming personality so they can pass along their game idea. I can't imagine what it's like for actual developers. People are convinced that if they could just share their brilliant idea they could get their game made, all without having to actually do any development themselves.

That thought is, of course, bullshit. If you don't understand how games are made, you likely don't understand why your idea is most likely bad. It's a vicious cycle that way.

After reading the story, however, you should feel empowered. If you really think your idea is good, if you really believe that you have games in you, there has never been a better time to make it happen. Download the Unreal Development Kit and get to work. Try your hand at any number of free or inexpensive third-party tools for content creation. Test your narrative skills using Twine. You're the best person to make your game, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll have something playable.

Sound like too much work? Then you'll likely be stuck just dreaming about your ideas, sending e-mails no one wants to read.