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League of Legends eSports site live, patch coming: track your team and advance in new ranking system

League of Legends eSports site live, patch coming: track your team and advance in new ranking system

Riot told the Report earlier this week that a new league play structure would replace the old ELO system. We were told that the new league play was designed in conjunction with Riot’s focus on eSports, and that a new website, LoL eSports, would be launching alongside the update. The website went live last night, but the patch has been delayed.

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Riot’s official site for League of Legends Championship Series coverage is comprehensive in its data and has a clean presentation, but there’s some small letdowns in the overall design.

For example, the site shows each of the teams in the Championship Series and the layout makes it easy to check both team and individual stats and see when the next match will be, but the “featured team” profile is little more than a recap of last season games and an announcement of their next game.

Dustin Beck, Vice President of eSports at Riot, mentioned a stronger focus on players and the human element of League of Legends. “It’s that human interest piece that is so compelling for viewers, and it’s kind of been missing in eSports: digging into who these guys are outside of the game,” he said.

Hopefully this aspect will improve as the site grows and draws in more fans, because when a featured team’s profile consists of saying they lost in a close second match, it’s hardly compelling human drama.

Another oddity is the lack of commenting. The featured team profile asks fans to give their thoughts on the upcoming matches, but the avenue for doing so is Twitter, not LoL eSports itself. While there are still forums where fans can have discussions with each other on the League of Legends main site, not having them available here feels like an oversight.

Still, the site only just launched, and is certain to grow with time. Riot’s efforts already look professional and polished, and there is a wealth of statistics and information to dig into. Each player has their own stats sheet, including their position, KDA ratio, gold per minute, most-played champions, a link to their Twitter feed, and even a flavorful bio. The site may not be all the way “there” just yet, but it’s damn close.

Patching in

Patch 3.01 was set to launch alongside LoL eSports, but various delays and server maintenance has pushed it back. The patch is, as of this writing, still being worked on, but details regarding it can be found in the patch notes, as well as this summary video:

As Beck told the Report earlier in the week, the league play system will replace the ELO system. You’ll be filtered into a skill tier and division based on your performance in a placement match, and your chances to rise and fall in rank lie within that division.

Each win or loss affects your League Points; gain 100 LP and you’ll trigger an event that will start you on an advancement series. Depending on whether your advancement is division-to-division or tier-to-tier, you’ll need to win a best-of-3 or best-of-5 series, respectively. There are six tiers, and five divisions within each. Advance to the very top and you earn the chance to play for a spot in the Championship Series.

There’s a host of other changes in the 3.01 patch, with various nerfs and buffs to multiple champions. What’s notable about this patch is that Riot has started giving justifications for their changes, increasing the transparency of updates. Want to know why Nasus gets double the bonus on Siphon Strike? The patch notes now explain: “This change reinforces the game’s general reward structure, wherein more important units provide additional rewards.” While this isn’t as vital or noticeable a change as others, it’s cool to see.

The latest update estimates the patch going live at 2 pm EST/11 am PST.