SimCity’s first DLC is an ad for electric cars

SimCity’s first DLC is an ad for electric cars

You want the citizens in your SimCity game to be happy, right? And we all know nothing brings happiness like a Nissan electric car charging station! I'll let the official page describe the item to you:

Need an extra incentive to go green in SimCity? Maybe you need a little boost in the form of the new Nissan Leaf Charging Station that is available today. This free in-game item is the perfect way to kick start your desire to create a city that will make you (and your Sims) happy. In the case of your Sims, In the case of your Sims, the Charging Station provides happiness to the Sims that use it and a onetime wave of happiness to the nearby businesses. Need another bonus? It produces no sewage or garbage. That’s right! Green indeed.

Nissan has created the ultimate in sustainable energy, since these charging stations will not only make people happy, but they won't use power, water, or workers from your city. This is solar power, reliant on the power of our nearest star and Nissan's advertising budget.

I like the fact that EA stresses this add-on is free. Because I'm always happy not to have to pay for someone to advertise to me. You can also zoom in to see Sims in "all wealth classes" driving the electric vehicles. If there's one thing that keeps the working poor up at night, it's carbon emissions.