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Sony releases list of things the PlayStation 4 can’t do

Sony releases list of things the PlayStation 4 can’t do

Sony has just unleashed a massive FAQ to answer damn near every question you may have about the Playstation 4, and the list of things the console can't do is a rather large bummer. Let's start with the music: You can't really listen to your music. At all.

Audio CDs aren't supported. Your MP3s aren't supported. None of my existing music is compatible with your PlayStation 4… until you pay Sony. “The Music Unlimited streaming service will allow you to listen to music while you play PS4 games,” the page states. “A subscription to Music Unlimited is required.”

Why let you use the music you've already paid for, when they can resell it to you?

Can you change your PSN name? No. Can you connect an external hard drive? No. Can I stream video or movies from my PC? Of course not. “The PS4 system does not support client functionality for media servers,” Sony explains, helpfully. Why the hell not?

Oh yeah, because they want you to use their Video Unlimited service to, once again, re-buy that content. Allowing you to stream files you already own would limit their ability to profit from selling you content, don't you know. There are also weird omissions that Sony just kind of brings up, such as the inability for you to limit the amount of time your child plays on the console.

There is some good stuff in here as well, such as the ability to play certain games while they're being downloaded, but so much basic functionality is being left out or removed from what we're used to with the PlayStation 3 that it's kind of depressing.

I'm curious for your thoughts, and I would love to see the same list, or similar, for the Xbox One. Maybe Sony was just listening to our pleas for a console that just plays games?