Sony’s Perfect Day ad raises an interesting question about the role games play in our lives

I don't think we've ever posted a commercial before, but this one actually made me think a little bit. I wasn't thinking about "achieving greatness" or whatever marketing message Sony is trying to drill into our heads with these admittedly entertaining faux-epic commercials.

To me this commercial was about the role that games play in our lives. It sort of lampoons the idea that spending a relaxing day outside is the "perfect day," and suggests that being a gamer means choosing epic entertainment over a relaxing day in the park.

This particular piece doesn't resonate with me, and I found myself much more interested in the idea of "sangria in the park" than in any of these games. A lot of Sony's ads recently have had a similar vibe, and they have a way of making me feel further and further away from the modern gaming target demographic.

That's not Sony's problem, and it doesn't impact the way I feel about PS4, which seems like a quality piece of hardware. But it does make me wonder how other people are reacting to messaging like that. Does that pull you in? Or does the insistence that gaming is a lifestyle push you away as you get older?