Star Wars games will continue! YAY! EA has the exclusive rights! Uh oh

Star Wars games will continue! YAY! EA has the exclusive rights! Uh oh

So Disney shuts down Lucasarts, EA goes through a few rounds of brutal layoffs, and now EA has an exclusivity deal with Disney for Star Wars games aimed at a "core" gaming audience. Sounds like a lot of people lost their jobs and now a floundering publisher and a cash-hungry conglomerate are going to make some high-quality video games that will be great for players and won't feature any predatory practices at all!

Or it's possible I'm being incredibly snarky and cynical and this is a great thing. I'm willing to be wrong, especially since I love Star Wars and EA has some incredibly talented teams under their control. It's possible this could lead to good things, but EA desperately needs revenue and Disney spoke candidly about aggressively leveraging this sort of opportunity during the conference call when the Lucafilm deal was announced in the first place.

Those two things rarely combine into daring, high-concept games. Expect safe games created quickly in proven genres.

Let's be fair though, it's been a long time since Star Wars games have been good, so we have little to lose. That's not the best argument for this deal though, especially since EA now knows it doesn't have to actually compete against other companies making Star Wars games.