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Stories from the origin of Kenya’s game design culture

Stories from the origin of Kenya’s game design culture

The video game industry has a bad case of tunnel vision. We tend to only look at the biggest, most innovative and most exciting video games, and that tends to limit our perspective to games that come from just a few spots around the globe such as Japan, North America, and Europe.

This feature from Polygon puts a spotlight on a place we don't usually think of as a game development hub, Kenya, and features the stories of several game developers explaining how they got started with their business over the past five years.

It's a story about the interesting challenges Kenyan game makers have had to overcome in the short time since game making became a viable profession in the area.

We don't often get to see the games or hear the stories of game designers from countries that we don't traditionally associate with interactive entertainment. It's a shame too, because looking at the games of other countries can help us understand more about why American games, or Mexican games, or Australian games are the way that they are.