Target will give you $200 for your first-generation iPad, so get going

Target will give you $200 for your first-generation iPad, so get going

I normally like to avoid “deal” posts because they’re easy and can overwhelm a site, but I wanted to give you a heads up that Target is giving $200 gift cards for used iPads.

This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but it’s for any functional iPad, meaning that first-generation model you have kicking around somewhere is suddenly worth a pretty good amount of money.

I took my own banged-up first generation 32GB iPad to a local Target, and found out it’s a promotion from Target Mobile, a sort of in-store kiosk that offers trade-ins for a bunch of items, including games, and they’re using this deal as a way to spread the word that they’ll take your electronics.

It seems to be working, the gentleman told me they’ve been processing first-generation iPads all day, and after typing the serial number into his workstation he handed me a Target gift card worth $200.

The normal value for my hardware in trade? $70. That’s quite the bump.

I used the credit to pick up a 16GB iPad Air, like a boss, and if you’re in the mood to upgrade this is probably the simplest way to get a good amount of credit for your ultra-old iPads. They didn’t even ask for a power cable or make a fuss about the scuffed up back; he just made sure it powered up and gave me the card.

I gotta admit, this brightened up my day something fierce. The deal is good until the 9th of November, and you have to go to a Target with the mobile kiosk. Also, Target Mobile doesn't open until noon, so be sure to arrive after the clerk arrives. If you upgrade, let me know what you're getting; I'm curious about what people think of the Air vs. the new Mini.