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The Last of Us: when pre-order bonuses may hurt your enjoyment of a game

The Last of Us: when pre-order bonuses may hurt your enjoyment of a game

I've read this announcement a few times, and I'm not sure what to think. First, I don't think anyone should ever pre-order DLC, because you don't really know what you're going to get. Think of all those sad bastards out there with Colonial Marines season passes, just kind of hanging out and hating themselves for wasting the money. Still, if you're for sure in the bag for the Last of Us and want to save some money, I guess this is a good deal?

The thing that strikes me is that the single-player game is changed when you pre-order the season pass, since you'll be given some buffs that you would otherwise need to earn in the game. You'll be playing a slightly different game than people who didn't pre-order, as you'll be more powerful in the beginning sections of the story. Why is that a good thing?

The increase to your crafting speed and healing speed are big; there is a certain sense of tension that comes when you're in the environment trying to do these actions and you know the bad guys are around. You're going to lose some of that fear. The progression from beginning character to badass starts at a different point, you're going to feel more powerful earlier in the game.

For me it comes down to design: How is the game meant to be played? Was it designed with these extra abilities available from the jump in mind, or is the early boost going to change things for the worse? I don't necessarily want single-player games to be easier at the beginning, especially when I'm looking forward to being scared. Why would I use what passes for a cheat code during the early levels of a tense game?

Anyway, I'm curious about your thoughts: Does this make you more, or less, likely to pre-order the DLC? Do you want a buffed up character at the beginning of a single-player campaign?