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The latest Bioshock Infinite trailer has no game play, and that’s great (No, really!)

The latest Bioshock Infinite trailer has no game play, and that’s great (No, really!)

Bioshock Infinite has been expertly marketed, and the slow drip of near-constant information about the game has kept fans both interested and teased about what’s coming. Or at least that’s the idea. What’s fascinating is that the latest trailer for the game pulled back from game play or even story to focus on showing the world of the game, and the resulting trailer is pretty damn effective.

Take a look.

The trailer reminds me of the promotional DHARMA Initiative videos that were released for LOST. There’s something very creepy about the whole thing, with hints of conspiracy, mysterious items falling from the sky, and unanswered questions.

This trailer won’t do much for people who weren’t at least a little interested in the game already, as you wouldn’t even learn the genre of the game based on the above video, but if you were already engaged with the content and tired of seeing actual game play revealed this works much better.

The video draws you into the game’s world itself, and it teases you with the idea that these are things no one knows. This is how an average citizen in the game’s universe sees Columbia.

We’ve seen game play, we’ve had teasers about the enemies, weapons have been discussed, but this stops giving us information and begins to talk about things we don’t know. It’s an invitation to come into the game to try to figure all this out. I grew up watching Unsolved Mysteries, and all this video is missing is Robert Stack droning on about a mysterious city in his impressive voice. You want to find out what happened with Columbia? You better plunk down your $60 and find out.

That’s worth 20 trailers with increasingly fast cuts and that interminable Inception-style BWWAAAMMMM noise. This is the video version of the box art everyone wants.