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This book will explain why it’s so bloody hard to steal my job

This book will explain why it’s so bloody hard to steal my job

Listen, my job is pretty great. I get free games, I travel around the world talking to interesting people, and I get paid to write. That last bit is the important thing for me. If my job wasn't to write about games, I hope it would be to write about something else. As long as I'm writing, I'm doing okay.

Here's the thing, it's going to take you about five years of daily, hard work before you can really tell if you're a good writer, and even the really good writers almost never make money. This book gives you a ton of great practical advice on how to avoid the common mistakes when it comes to looking for paid work writing about games, but it also doesn't lie to you. This is a nearly impossible business to break into.

Can't afford to travel to press events on your own dime? Or to spend hours each day potentially writing for free? Or to simply play as many games as possible so you know what you're talking about? Then you can't afford to do this. You are a restaurant who wants to open for business but can't afford ovens.

This is one of those jobs that everyone wants. So you have to be willing to work incredibly hard, often working without pay for an incredibly long time, and often putting your own money into your business, before you can ever hope to get paid. Meunier's book is a great place to get started, but the odds are against you. Most people say they want to do it and then give up when they see the time and effort it takes to get good, and even then the job will most likely go to someone the editor already knows.

That's what you're up against. If you can do anything else, do that. If you're still interested in giving it a go? Get to work! And good luck.