Tim Schafer discusses Double Fine’s second Kickstarter, and Microsoft’s lack of indie outreach

I like this story for a bunch of reasons, and I think Double Fine has made a great case for running a second Kickstarter while working on their first Kickstarted title. This is a strategy other companies have been using as well.

I keep hearing the silly argument that Double Fine just opens their hands and free money falls into them, but this is a company that has been delivering games that people love for over a decade, and they've always treated their fans with respect. That's step one to finding this sort of success on Kickstarter, and there's no shortcut to that approach. Other companies are welcome to emulate it.

The second part is Schafer's gentle notes to Microsoft about dealing with smaller developers. Microsoft executives have been telling us non-specific platitudes about how they love indies and the Xbox One a fine home for them, but where is the evidence? Most developers I've spoken to express frustration with Microsoft, and love for Sony's continual outreach. Microsoft needs to take action, and stop making promises.

I don't mean to point at Schafer and make an example of him with these remarks, because his opinions are rather widespread and non-controversial. It's just another example of how much Microsoft must do in this area.

Massive Chalice, by the way, has already been funded, but don't let that stop you.