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Totalbiscuit argues against used games, and explains why GameStop are “knobsacks”

I don't think people realize how much power retailers like GameStop have (used to have?) in the industry, and how much they used that power try to control certain aspects of the market. GameStop reportedly has a say in issues such as when Steam copies of games go live, pricing, and what coupons can and can't be included in the box. If you've been in the industry any amount of time, you've heard horror stories about GameStop using their leverage to fuck over publishers, consumers, or both.

It's a crazy situation, and frankly I'm okay with publishers and platform holders giving them the short end of the stick. But that's just me.

John "Totalbiscuit" Bain is a smart guy, and he goes off on a well-informed 30 minute rant against the practice of used games. It's worth listening to, even though many of you ultimately won't agree with many of his points.

This is a controversial subject, especially with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the horizon and players fighting the future with hashtags and forum posts, but it's worth paying attention to all the aspects of the debate.