Bask in the joy of a crowd losing their shit over a game of darts

Before today, I never considered the viability of Darts as a professional sport. It was just the game I occasionally played in people's basements at parties I didn't particularly want to be at. 

After watching this video though, I'm considering booking a trip to the UK to go attend a professional Darts tournament, because the energy of this crowd is incredible. 

You might need a vocabulary lesson before you watch. All you need to know is that a "nine darter" is the term used when a player completes a round with just nine darts. It's the lowest number possible to clear the round, and it's considered extremely difficult.

You might not even need to know that though. Just soak in the energy of the awesome crowd, and gaze in awe at the wonderful slow motion effects. Sometimes it's fun to get a feel for why people love certain games or sports, and who knew darts could be so exciting?