Kotaku’s nerd-shaming article about Bronies is both nasty and unnecessary

Kotaku’s nerd-shaming article about Bronies is both nasty and unnecessary

Whenever I write a story, I like to figure out what information I’m trying to share, why it’s important, or if it’s a more personal story, why I want to share these details. You can begin to focus and hone a story once you have a kind of thesis statement for what you want to say, and I’ll often ask Andrew to give me a two sentence summary of what he’s trying to say.

Even with the update, I have no earthly idea why a story about how awkward it looks when people party is a post on Kotaku.

Why we need to stop nerd-shaming

I’m not one of those people who hates Kotaku, as the site often produces amazing work, and I’m a giant fan of Patricia Hernandez in general. But I despise the idea that it’s okay to like some nerdy things, such as Dungeon & Dragons, and not others, such as Twilight. Or True Blood. Or any of the other things we pretend to be above.

Hell, I’ve written entire stories about why we need to stop mocking Furries and LARPERs, and I’ve since met a number of amazing individuals in both communities. You can never have enough friends in different fandoms, and I enjoy learning about why people fall in love with certain subcultures in this great, and often strange, world of ours.

I get that people who enjoy My Little Pony are easy targets, and I know that posting an edited video of these people enjoying themselves and looking silly is an easy way to get people together to point and laugh, but that shouldn’t be what we do in the press, enthusiast or not. The people in this video may look awkward, but they got up off their butts, met other people who shared their joy, and they had a good time together. I’m willing to bet it was hard for some of them to do so, and our reaction to what amounts to an act of bravery is to mock them for it.

That’s not okay. These aren’t public individuals, and there is no reason to be cruel about their party even if this video was shared publicly. What exactly is the point of putting this video on one of the biggest, most influential gaming sites of the world? Only to point out how awkward everyone looks?

There is an update about how the tone of the post was wrong, and how it should have been about how the people in the video were having fun and how great that is, but really, even if the author had led with that idea, they’re still publishing a video because the people in it look nerdy, only to say that it’s great they’re having a great time regardless of being total dweebs who like a stupid thing.

That’s the tone of the post, even after the update. I don’t think we need to be happy that people we think look silly in edited videos are having fun. I don’t think we have to have a fucking opinion at all. That’s not a story, and making it one feels mean-spirited.

Listen, we get about 80 years on this planet, at best. Much of that time is painful. The night is dark, and full of terrors. If you find something that makes you happy, and it doesn’t hurt you or others, that is a great thing.

Life is too damned short for the concept of “guilty” pleasures to have any meaning. I’m glad these people had this party, and that they had a good time, regardless of how they looked. I’m sorry it was edited in such a way that individuals were mocked, and the comments about autism and killing everyone in the video found in the comments section are repugnant.

That being said, there’s no story here. No reason to give the assholes making fun of others a bigger pedestal to belittle others. We’re better than this, and we should start acting like it.