Why Xbox One will continue Microsoft’s failure in Japan

Why Xbox One will continue Microsoft’s failure in Japan

Long-time Edge magazine Japan correspondent Daniel Robson has a new column up today discussing the myriad reasons why Xbox One is likely to continue Microsoft's dismal performance in the region.

In fact, the article goes so far as to point out that Microsoft may have actually given up on Japan completely, citing the fact that their press conference was held at 2am in Japan, and the Xbox Japan website “has no section for Xbox One, not even a news story about it – just yesterday’s stream, simultaneously translated. No love for JP.”

The piece itself has a great on-the-ground feel as it includes the voices of individual Japanese twitter users responding to the Xbox One reveal with complaints about useless (for Japanese people) features and the botched Windows 8 and Surface Pro launches.

Much more amusingly, the article goes into the many ways that Japanese gamers have been mocking the system on social networks, and it's fascinating reading to learn about the slang and portmanteaus Japanese gamers are using to deride the system. This is a fascinating story, with some good laughs.