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Gabe / 9 hours ago

Post PAX Depression

I had a pretty busy week what with PAX South and all but I still managed to do some sketching on the flight down here to Texas. My goal is to post sketches every Monday so here’s a look at some Daughters I drew on the plane.

(click for larger versions)

I did these in Sketchbook Pro on the Surface Pro 3 since I didn’t have an actual sketchbook with me.

PAX South was a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this first year so incredible. Today’s comic strip was drawn during our Make-A-Strip panel on Saturday. You can watch the entire thing on Twitch right here. All of our panels and lots more are actually available on the official Twitch PAX site. I’ve seen some clips and stuff on YouTube but if you want the real deal watch the full panels on Twtich.

I’m flying back home tomorrow night. I intend to use my last couple days here in San Antonio to remember the Alamo and sample some barbecue. I hear the moose knuckles are especially delicious.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 10 hours ago

When I was first in Rome, like 12 years ago, people spoke Italian constantly.  Basically all the time with the Italian.  I expected someone to wink at me eventually and be like, aw, we’re just joshing.  Come on everybody, let’s all speak the sweet English that we secretly crave.

Don’t be too mad; I told you that precisely because it was so ridiculous.  There was a position higher up in the scaffold of my consciousness that was, like, of course they’re speaking Italian.  This is Italy, dude; fuckin’ keep up.  But you need to actually see these things to make a cubby for them in your mind, a place for them to be properly filed.  In the Northwest, I have lived in places that either wished or thought they were Texas, satellite colonies, and so it had only ever been a pose or a reflection.  They had tiny moons on their heads designed to reflect the Texas sun.  But the hats down here are fucking reaaaal.

A friend of mine sent me a text about halfway through the show, saying:


to which I responded:

“The fractal is retained!!!!!”

because the weird curl of the show, the one we began in 2004, has again been planted in a new place and everyone already knows how to do it.  Most of the people at this show had never been to a PAX, or maybe to any kind of con, but it felt exactly right - just as it did in Boston, just as it did in Australia.  And that’s not to say that we can’t improve them, just as we did in the other cases.  But there is a whirling mystery at the core of this thing around which faerie lights swim.  Our job is to stay out of your way at these things, and when we do, a wild PAX inexorably appears.  So, thank you.  I hope we’ll see you again next year, at this place, around this time.

After I had some dinner last night, I was rambling back to my hotel room with the intention of dumping all the lotions, liquids, and washes I had been hoarding all week into the tub.  Then, I was going to roll around in this slurry and molt, restoring my lost youth.  But I saw someone on my way to the elevator whose face I remembered from their Twitter icon, or maybe it was her; I tried to do a mental transform of this face to match the known angle.  And I felt bad, because I thought I’d saw her before that day, and I looked a little too long and then I had to pretend I was looking at a sign very intently.  So I apologized, but it was her!  I said that I would stay down there, if I hadn’t given away my copy of Paperback to a young man earlier.  The guy had seemed like a real dork in the best possible way, in the way that I am a dork, so I knew that Paperback - a combination of Scrabble and Dominion - would be an apt riposte to the Michael Chabon book he had given me.  But then a man within earshot said that he had a copy of Paperback up in his room, and I felt the feeling one gets in their stomach when they are at the top of the rollercoaster, and they are about to go down.

Then Nika Harper brought over a copy of Gloom and, um, some Vodka, and with our new friends we put together a story about a subtle, frankly hilarious war between old families and the Salmonites, a fish-worshipping cult founded on the visions derived from slightly off barbecue.  It was about one in the morning when I got back to my room, and it occurred to me that I had just been to PAX, understood why others might attend also, and shared in the grief of its culmination.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

What constitutes “amazing” for you is dependent on a number of factors; having one’s awesome-ometer calibrated by the modern world almost certainly has an effect on your affect.  I have to say, though, I love the idea that he is already bored with 3D printing.  And I’m glad of it, because I need him to invent the next thing while my sensing organs are still moist.

I have spent the last couple days becoming as Texan as possible, but only by virtue of what constitutes Texaneity to a Northron, which means eating meat with meat on top and a side of meat.  Gabriel and I were in Kansas City ten thousand years ago, we ordered corn there, and instead we received meat with decorative corn.  Presumably the cattle had been fed corn?  In any case, I endorse this entire continuum.  The way this trip ends is gonna be on some God Emperor of Dune shit, where I allow myself to be encased in brisket, and I rule the ruins of a shattered empire as its High Beef Lord.

A friend tried to help me delineate between Tex Mex - which he says is “Mexican food anywhere else” - and “Actual Mexican Food.”  It seemed like Cheddar Cheese was the primary indicator of Tex.  But then he tried to explain all the heretical forks of this continuum, including what he called Tex Mex Mex, Tex Tex Mex, and I think Tex Tex Mex Mex, which seems like it would just be regular old Tex Mex but he was scandalized by the assertion.  In any event, your responsibilities are the same: eat all the stuff.  Especially the “puffy tacos,” which means something else where I’m from.

PAX South starts today.  I won’t be hard to find; I will be the one fighting with a raccoon over some french fries outside the convention.

(CW)TB out.

PAX South Merchandise!

PAX South kicks off tomorrow and Brian asked if I would share our merchandise offerings.

The official PAX shirt this year sports a gorgeous polygonal design. I can say it’s gorgeous because I didn’t make it. No joke I really love this shirt.

You can also get the same design on this rad water bottle:

We also have a new shirt for you LOL players. Or at least the shitty ones like me. Check out our “Surrender at Twenty” design!

We’ll also have plenty of other PA stuff including more shirts, posters, books, hats, toys and pins.

There’s also some cool rewards at this show:

Spend $35 or more and get yourself a PAX South patch.

Spend $65 or more and get the patch AND a pair of PAX South sunglasses.

Spend over $100 and get all that stuff plus the Merch Pinny Arcade pin.

Whenever I can I’ll be hanging around the merch booth for Pin trading, so if you’re looking for me that’s a good spot to check.

See you guys tomorrow, it’s going to be a great PAX!

-Gabe out

Tycho / 5 days ago

I talked about some of this stuff a couple weeks ago I think, this Jackbox Party Pack stuff, but I’ve run a couple experiments in the meantime and it’s only cemented the necessity of owning this game.  Oh!  And Gabriel is bad.

Initially I was intimidated by the guy across the street pretty severely.  Whenever I looked out the window, he was always attaching the winchy part of his gigantic truck to an old stump.  I mean, I suppose technically he could only have removed this stump once.  But it seemed like he was always engaged in some iconic act of masculinity that occurred within a certain radius of a winch.  But then our kids started going to the same school, and we were made to interact in a normal way.  I couldn’t just lean meaningfully against an axe handle in conspicuous view of his living room.

I have a specific type.  Well, types.  Here are my types.  Where do you fit in this list?  If you see me at PAX South, we can discuss some of the recent vacancies in my inner circle.

- Laconic, Solitary Psychic Lighthouses
- Facsimiles Of Men And Women (Ruined Within)
- Emotional Black Holes
- The Perpetually Unsatisfied

So when I’m talking to him, and he’s okay with pretty much everything that’s happening, I’m worried that being in my dark nimbus will corrupt him somehow.  I’m worried that I’ll hurt one of his beautiful wings.  I don’t even want to swear around him; I would cup my hands over his ears, but I don’t want to disturb any of his soft petals.  I think he might be America’s last strategic optimism reserve.

He’s been part of both tests I’ve done of FibbageXL thus far.  FibbageXL is the version of Fibbage that comes with all the other games in the compilation, and has more questions, but that’s it.  I say “tests” or “experiments” because I’m specifically rounding up people who don’t play games like this, or played games “when they were kids.”  They’re fucking transformed by it, one hundred percent of the time, and want to know what they need to buy so they can have it all the time.  The game itself is a rock-solid digital send-up of some table classics, I vouch for the superstructure.  But I think the genius of using people’s phones “democratizes,” for lack of a better word, a fairly sophisticated trivia format.  There are many, many people statistically contained within the word “gamer” now that play exclusively on phones.  Except now I’ve got six of these people playing a game on the Xbox One and they don’t even know.  They don’t have to know. 

Anyway.  This dude, this fractal seed of purity?  He has got to be the best, most potent liar to ever lie.

It should alert the fucking government when somebody makes this many points off lies.  Men should drop from helicopters, grab them, and then go back up.  The only comfort we can take is that it would never occur to him to use this power for evil; I think that if he tried to lie, the world would somehow conspire to make it true.

(CW)TB out.

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