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Tycho / 5 hours ago

We’re both gonna try to get out of town to varying degrees at the end of July, ahead of the Six Month World Tour that is PAX, and we’ve thought of various ways to manage that span - we’ll be gone maybe six strips or so, which is how we have come to reckon time.

We’ve got a story we’re gonna run then, a Nightlight story that gives some more information about how the setting functions, and it should be about that long if what we planned is correct.  Doing research for the awesome new character at the center of it has probably fucked up his search history forever, though.

I’ve got an embarrassment of tween girls over at my house, the neighborhood is lousy with them.  If he wants to know what’s is going on with this prized demo I can tell him.  In my experience, tween girls are always

- Making cell phones and laptops out of cardboard
- Writing or performing in bold original works
- Unlocking characters for me in Rayman Legends because it is too hard and I can’t do it.

That’s how the ones around here get down, but I’m certain that tracks globally.

I’m still walking around Novigrad in The Witcher, or some other fucking insane Witcher town, playing barkeeps over and over in Gwent until they get an irredeemably shitty hand and the AI just spins in place.  The other thing I do is steal everybody’s milk.  I am the exact opposite of a milkman.  Oh!  The last thing I do is wonder why towns in other games feel like they were created automatically by a piece of middleware (“Cornerstone DX”) and Witcher towns are actual real places somewhere that I am watching via a magic portal.

Every week they’re giving me some new thing, some greaves or a pauldron or some shit, and I don’t even see it because I’m drowning in shit to do.  They should offer the Game of the Year Edition with all the DLC on a tombstone because it will last longer than the average human lifespan.

I don’t think you’re doing it wrong if you beat it already; I envy you.  I wish that I’d been able to.  I’m not doing it this way because I’ve discovered some gourmet methodology for game consumption: this is simply how much Witch I’ve been able to fit into my beak at once.  By the time I’m done with this, really done, everyone else on Earth will be playing freemium AR MMOs on their cyber refrigerators.


Tycho / 2 days ago

He legitimately wanted to know what that shit tastes like.  Not good, I would say.  Not potable in the classic sense.  Tangy in absolutely the wrong way.  You can also get XP in Destiny by, like, doing bounties and stuff.  No fluids are required.  #Lifehax

The last time I “used” it - and “used” seems like the correct term, the way you might “use” meth - it was to retain some semblance of humanity during Strip Search.  My memory of the filming process is like an archipelago, with these blobs of awareness floating very near to one another but never touching, never fashioning a true linear causality, and I don’t know how I did it the first time let alone if I could ever do it again.  The credits should say Red Bull anytime they currently say Jerry Holkins.

It’s inextricable from gaming actually, this industrial solvent, and not merely because it is leveraged to extend consciousness and produce visions in a LAN context.

We played what I would describe as “all of the” Wipeout XL.  When my cohort and I first moved in together, it was one of those things where we had to take the apartment before we could both get moved over, and so the house contained only essentials - which in our case were two sleeping bags, a small entertainment center, and a Playstation One of my favorite things is the fabrication, out of whole cloth, of brands for games.  Rockstar must be considered the gold standard here.  Actual brands have a cloying, mercenary odor when used in these simulated environments - at the same time, urban spaces don’t parse as real if they aren’t slathered with advertising.

Wipeout was decked, perhaps even stacked, with advertisements for an imaginary product called Red Bull that were so thoughtful and robust in their construction that I was completely hooked in.  The name had that amazing, vague, anything, nothing quality that I think represents the true horror of dystopia.  But it was real, it just wasn’t real here.  Imagine my surprise when I started to see advertising for this wholly unreal videogame product all over the fucking place.  It would be like looking up at the sky and seeing the memory dump from a Blue Screen of Death.


New DLC Podcast Show

There’s a new DLC Podcast show up today and this one doesn’t seem to be sped up much at all. Which means it took me almost the exact same amount of time to draw the strip, as it did for us to write it. So that’s not a dumb statistic.

Be sure and check out the rest of our YouTube offerings and don’t forget Club PA members get early access to a bunch of this new stuff.

Last but not least, if you liked Nightlight then you should check out my Twitter. I posted a new Nightlight doodle and answered a few questions. I have to say I really love reading all the ideas folks are tweeting me about Nightlight. Tycho and I are not like normal creators. We don’t cook up an idea, flesh it out, produce something and then show you. We had an interesting idea and we’re going to explore it and figure it out in front of you. This first part is the most fun, when we’re figuring out how this new world works. So when I read stuff on Twitter like “I wanna see the nuns at an orphanage…the bad-ass nuns” or “So are babysitters basically mercenaries?” I get excited and that stuff ends up being a part of this world as we build it. When you post these ideas and questions about the world it just helps us flesh out the world. We end up sitting here at our desks talking for an hour about how babysitters should function in a world where monsters under the bed are real.

Nightlight is all we really talk about lately. We’re sort of obsessed with it at the moment and that means you’re going to get a bunch more of it real soon. Right now it looks like the last couple weeks of July will be dedicated to Nightlight.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 4 days ago

He’s been feasting on this Dresden Files shit over here; heaps of Dresden Files books are arrayed about him at the five points of the pentacle, where he sits within a circle of what I’m pretty sure is Lik-M-Aid.

It’s to the point where when he nears the end of a Harry Dresden Book, he’s ordering the next three so that he can maintain forward momentum without running aground.  It’s doing some noir thing that has a kind of preternatural grip on him; I feel like exposure to these materials have made him increasingly hard-bitten.  My fear is that he might be out much later than normal, trying to frame himself perfectly in the nimbus of a streetlight.  I’ll tell you what’s going to happen when he’s done with these, straight up: he’s going to end up in the arms of Stephen Brust, with his take on fantasy noir that Gabe was too good for last time.  You know what’s funny?  I named that Stephen Brust comic the same thing I named today’s.  COINCIDENCE?  Yes, actually.


Hey!  There’s an ever shortening span of time between now and the Fifth Annual Child’s Play Invitational Golf Tournament on July 17th, and since registration closes in two weeks the Hour of the Club is upon us.

You’ve got three options if you’re planning to support Child’s Play in this way.  You may be asking yourself, but, what are these ways?!  I got you.

1.  Regular Entries, with or without rental clubs, which includes the Barbecue and Awards Ceremony afterward are $175 and can be purchased here.

2. Mini-Golf Entries, which include the Barbecue and Awards Ceremony in addition to a Spectator Pass are $60 and can be purchased here.

3. The Spectator Pass, which includes the BBQ/Awards Ceremony and the Spectator Area with games, raffles, and other entertainments for the afternoon is $40 and can be purchased here.

There are a few company foursomes out there, and if you’d like to set up something like that for your crew or coordinate a company payment, you can work out logistics stuff by mailing Erick Blandin at


The First 15

There is a new First 15 today that ended up being pretty funny I think. We played a game called Omega Quintet and I can tell you with 100% certainty, that Tycho and I are not the core demographic for this game.

-Gabe out


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