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Tycho / 17 hours ago

I had assumed, largely because I was directly told, that the conglomeration known as Goo-Tube was purchasing Twitch. It certainly seemed to map out, what with Twitch cracking down on copyright in exactly the same way YouTube had. But that's apparently just hedge trimming now, work that must be done in advance of acquisition by any party. Amazon picked them up. On accident? When we hear about Jonas, and the whale which constituted his temporary housing, we are (correctly) skeptical. But…

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Gabe / 2 days ago


The most recent cinematic trailer for League of Legends got me thinking about the game again. I’ve played a lot of it over the years but I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten this into the strategy of it. I’ve always liked it, but I’m actually trying not to suck at it now and that’s new for me. I’ve been watching the LCS matches and I’m surprised just how much I enjoy watching other people play a video game. I’ve always been a Wukong fan but what I am discovering is that I like…

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