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Tycho / 1 hour ago

The joke used to be that if the Internet here wasn't working, Kiko was torrenting several seasons of an anime simultaneously - but it wasn't a joke so much as it was a true fact. It was an awful business, and not simply because of the profound immorality of these acts - the disregard for the edifice of law, which separates man from the hyena. That's what I told him. But it also made it very difficult, if not impossible, to complete my own torrents. The office is in a weird place, where…

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Gabe / 1 hour ago

Monday Sketchdump!

My new year’s resolution this year was to push myself to get better at drawing. I was in a rut and feeling pretty shitty about my art in general. This year my goal was to break through that wall and really try to improve. Part of that meant sketching as much as I could. I’d stopped drawing for fun. I’d gotten into the habit of only drawing when I had a job to do. Now I draw almost every night and I try and force myself to NOT draw things for work. It’s been awesome and while it was hard…

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